Prawn Cocktail

Atlantic prawns, tomato mayo, crisp leaf salad

Freshly Prepared Soup (V) (GF)

Warm baked bread & butter

Garlic Bread (V) (GF)

Fresh baked garlic ciabatta

Cauliflower Bites (VE) (GF)

Crispy cauliflower bites, tomato & garlic dip

Spiced Chicken Strips (GF)

Lightly spiced chicken strips, lemon mayo

Mozzarella Dippers (V)

Crispy crumb coated mozzarella, tomato & garlic sauce

Pineapple & Berry Pot (VE) (GF)

Freshly cut pineapple & seasonal berries, lemon refresher



Flying Fish Sandwich (GF)

Crispy fish strips, tartar sauce, crisp leaf, brioche bun, fries

Prime Beef Burger (GF)

Beef burger, crispy onion, home-smoked tomato relish, brioche bun & fries

Bangers & Mash (GF)

Pork sausages, buttery mash & gravy

Beefy Meatballs & Spaghetti

Beefy meatballs, slow cooked tomato ragu, spaghetti

Grilled Chicken (GF)

Fresh vegetables, buttery mash & gravy

Mac & Cheese (VE)

Short-cut pasta, cheesy sauce, cheddar glaze, garlic ciabatta



Chocolate Fudge Cake (V)

Whipped cream & berries

Pancake Stack (V)

Vanilla ice cream & berries

Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream (V)

Chocolate sauce

Chunky Chopped Fruit Salad (VE)

Fizzy mint sugar

Food Allergens & Intolerances

Our products are made with ingredients that contain allergens. Please speak to our staff about your requirements before ordering. Items without GF symbols can be adjusted to be made gluten-free. Please ask your server.

(V) = Vegetarian

(VE) = Vegan

(GF) = Gluten Free